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Bidding Inline Speed Skating World Championships 2020

  • Date: Friday, 30 November 2018

World Skate is the only governing body, recognized by the IOC, of all Roller Sports and Skateboarding. Its role consists of recognizing, assisting and representing the more than 120 Member Federations of the fie Continents in the development and increasing of all roller disciplines and to promote the development and the diffusion of such disciplines in the not yet affiiated countries.

World Skate aims to promote the visibility and the development of all its disciplines through international events, among which the World Championships are the most important ones.
The Inline Speed Skating World Championships (henceforth “Championships”) are the most important international event for this discipline and are held annually, except in the year of the organization of the World Skate Games that include them.
These Championships will have a ceremonial, protocol but also a spectacular character and will be promoted through national and international broadcasting, streaming TV on the official website of World Skate, as well as on social networks and new communication media.

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