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  • Date Sunday, 08 April 2018  - 

The final for the WS Roller Freestyle World Cup was one of the most exciting we have ever seen on a FISE course! 2017 World Series, champion Julien Cudot managed to come back strong after a disappointing performance yesterday, eventually taking third place.

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  • News Roller Freestyle  - 
  • Date Saturday, 07 April 2018  - 

We’re delighted to be landing in Japan just in time to catch the cherry blossom season. Hiroshima looks magical and the historic location of the event makes this stop feel extra special.

This weekend history was made for Roller Freestyle discipline within the International Roller Freestyle Federation. Nanjing China played host to the first ever World Championship of the Roller Freestyle, with 17 National Federation’s attending the competition. A huge Roller Freestyle Park was built at the famous Sports Labs in Nanjing to host both the Men’s and Women’s competition. (Photo Credits: Erika Zanetti)

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