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This section will be always be updated with Regulations, Forms, Comunications and Information about all the important changes and important details on the Competitions rules and with the official documents.

International Rules of Roller Derby - Second Edition
The official rules for the sport of Roller Derby as defined by World Skate, recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the International Governing Body of all roller sports, including roller derby.

Appendix A - Track Setup
Defines the measurements and recommended procedures to set up a track for the sport of Roller Derby according to the World Skate International Rules.

Appendix B - Communication Standards
Defines the official communication standards approved by World Skate for the sport of Roller Derby, including hand signals, verbal communication and whistles.

Second Edition Modifications
Describes the modifications made for the second edition of the rulebook.

Rules Philosophy and Principles
Philosophy And Principles of the International Rules of Roller Derby

Quick Reference and Comparison
This document describes the main differences between the International Rules and other popular rules.

Pack Definition Flowchart
This document defines the logical structure of the decision making process suggested to define the Pack, described as a flowchart. It also includes tables documenting all combinations of blocker groups to facilitate the definition of the pack.

Pack Definition Situations
This document specifies all possible combinations of blocker groups in order to define the pack for each specific situation. Each combination is accompanied by a visual representation that exemplifies the position of the players and the appropriate pack definition.​


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