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World Skate: an extraordinary success for the first Artistic Roller Skating International Seminar

  • News: Artistic
  • Date: Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The 4-days event in Rome has gathered more than 400 judges and coaches coming from all 5 continents ready to meet the challenge of a brand new approach of regulating and teaching Artistic Skating.

It is time to innovate and push towards change! This is the mantra that is increasingly being repeated in World Skate. From the very beginning, our Federation’s change of name aimed to represent the courage of looking for new ways to set up an International Federation able to go beyond the traditional and institutional mechanisms. The International Seminar that just ended has followed this very path by putting into effect a work that has been carried out to innovate the discipline of Roller Artistic Skating.

“We have to learn how to think as a multinational corporation and this seminar is an example of this method: we are working to establish an International School for each of our disciplines with the aim of giving value to the talents in all corners of the world. We want to bring our technical excellence in each Nation, just as we have done with this first Seminar, and create a hard core able to convey skills and know-how at high professional levels” World Skate President Sabatino Aracu has commented at the conclusion of the event. “I know by looking in the eyes of the attending judges and coaches that they feel part of an even vaster common plan that will project World Skate and all our disciplines towards a real innovation!”

Surely the first seminar in this World Skate has confirmed, if not exceeded, all expectations, not only in terms of participation or continental representation. What has struck the Technical Committee Chairman Nicola Genchi the most was “the high level of participation of each attendee”.  “Our objective is setting up a technical vocabulary which is standardized for all Nations and a judging system which is employed in the same way all throughout the World: it has been extremely exciting witnessing with how much passion and concentration each attendee has met this new challenge and has deemed it essential for the development of Artistic Skating”.


4 days
15 lecturers
21 sessions

296 coaches
120 judges

30 nations
5 continents

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